David L. from Crows Nest

"I had taken Ayahuasca twice in Peru and found it amazing, even though I got very sick. The months that followed saw me restless, confused and disoriented. My friend Sandra had been to see Vered and convinced me to make an appointment. The session took me to a space where I could access and experience pure love and consequently, acceptance. The answers to my questions surprised me. The months that followed saw me peaceful, directed and aligned. It was the most REAL, SURREAL experience I have ever had and no vomiting!! I listen to the recording often."

Elle (Sirena) xx

"For the past year I had started seeing repetitive numbers such as 11:11 and at first didnt know what it was and why I kept seeing these numbers, after sometime it was revealed to me they were Angel numbers. Eventually I was led to see Vered for a past life regression session and what followed was an incredible experience of realisation of who I really was, why I was here in this life, where my spiritual origins are and overall what my life purpose is. So blessed and grateful for Vered and her gift in helping people to realign with their truths. Vered has amazing intuition and a deep connection with higher energies. I left the session feeling very peaceful, calm and a deep sense of knowing what I was really here for. Since the Past Life regression my life has been nothing short of amazing, a whole other world of Angels, Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels have revealed themselves to me and I have been able to begin my Life purpose in helping people to come out of suffering by helping them to get in touch with their Angels and divine selves. Thankyou Vered you are a blessing!"

Antonella from Five Dock

"Vered's channelling of my father in the first part of the session gave me a deep sense of peace and reconnected me to the Divine. It helped me to relax into the hypnosis. I can't wait to come back.Thankyou Vered"

Jamie From Campbelltown

"After the session, I felt changed and rearranged. I don't understand what happened to me but I know that now, I have the determination to train as a healer . Vered was able to articulate my deceased grandfather's message so accurately that it started my questioning of what this existence actually is. I am now on a path of reading and learning. I am becoming more expressive of my emotions."


"I have led a very literal life as a Policewoman , dealing with the unpleasant side of humanity. In the session, I saw myself as a strange being with 4 toes and a tall greyish body working with plants. I felt love for this being and knew that somehow, it was me. My subconscious said that it was an existence on the 6th Dimension and that I had volunteered to come to Earth to help in the transition. I was floating for weeks after and when I forget the beauty of that realization, I listen to the recording. How can I ever thank you Vered?"

Julie from Seaforth

"I am a 33 year old mother of two small children and I came to Vered as a last resort with Bowel Cancer. The doctor's prognosis determined that I would die within 6 months. However, Vered explained that the session would not necessarily result in spontaneous healing and that she would be guided by the authority of my subconscious. I was shown two lifetimes, which deeply saddened me, where I had lived lives of intense anger and submission towards my male partners.

I was to learn that one of my husbands then, although physically very different, was my current husband.

After the session, I felt a deep sense of forgiveness for him for having needed such control over me and for myself, for having submitted to this.

It has now been nearly 1 year since the session and my cancer has gone into remission. I am hoping that this state continue. The session enabled me to understand that in some way, we are the sum total of everything we have experienced and that we get the chance to correct repetitive patterns.

Thankyou Vered".

Len (Business Man)

"What a relief to push my busy conscious mind aside and let my soul speak. Thankyou Vered for making that possible"

Susan T. (Human Relations)

"A spiritual submersion into me. I will never forget the experience of me as pure light"

Wendy (hypnotherapist)

"I was very nervous about doing this but as soon as I saw Vered's reassuring face, I knew that this was predestined.

I had an intense release of unprocessed emotions. I cried and cried and then felt lighter. I have been braver about applying this knowledge to my life.

Thankyou Vered"


"I visited Vered last year for a session (2013). My issues were that I was to undergo 3 hours of surgery on my injured ankle and that I was unable to find the love I was seeking. I hoped that the sub-conscious could heal me during the session and thus, avoid the operation. I had been warned by the surgeon that there was little hope for full recovery and function of my ankle. I was shown a life where I had lost my husband and had continued to lead a very lonely existence. The sub-conscious did not agree to heal my ankle more than by 20%. I was dissapointed, but knew that something extraordinary had happened. A week later, I arrived at the hospital for the operation, and when parking, someone bumped into the back of my car. Love at first sight. We are still together and still happy. Also, the operation was successful and less complex than the surgeon had thought."

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