Past Life Regression

Heal current issues by exploring past lives

* Please note that QHHT is the process used for Past Life Regression

What are the benefits of Past Life Regression?

  • The process may resolve issues that are too difficult to confront and shift, through the conscious left-brain mind only.
  • The process may allow the healing of the body and emotional conditions.
  • The process may resolve traumatic experiences from this life and other lives through being shown the lessons and learning.
  • The process may give higher guidance for one's life journey and purpose.
  • The process may allow guided, controlled and safe memory of alien interaction and other dimensional beings.
  • The process may give empowering insight and healing regarding addictions such as smoking, drinking and gambling.
  • The process may provide perspective for current life by acknowledging the timelessness of the soul.
  • The process may also provide a safe loving context for communication with loved ones who have passed.
  • The process may give an experiential understanding of one's multi-dimensional true nature.
  • The process may be a safe gateway to spiritual awakening
  • The process may give a higher perspective to one's confusion re: sexual orientation
  • The process may dissolve fear of the death experience
  • The process may give an understanding as to why we have chosen our particular family and context
  • The process may allow you to experience your consciousness outside of and beyond the vessel of the body
  • So what actually happens in a session?

    A session lasts up to 4 hours. The first 90 minutes is the pretalk which allows for counselling and interaction between Vered and the client, with a view to ascertaining the main issues. Very often, Vered channels information for the client during this time.

    During the remaining time, the client is gently induced into a deep state of hypnosis during which time appropriate and relevant images, stories and impressions are revealed. Very often the client refers to themselves in the third person, as though they are witnessing themselves objectively.

    The client, although deep in a Theta state, may still seemingly be conscious of what is occuring, but it is as though the conscious mind is disengaged.

    In the event that the conscious mind intervenes, I gently refocus the client to their subconscious. I am finding lately that with some clients, the interface between conscious and subconscious is subtle, as though they have been "upgraded" and are able to receive effortlessly.

    Sometimes, where appropriate, spontaneous healing may occur. While the client is aware of their conscious self, they surrender effortlessly to the deeper, eternal, Higher Voice. I will assist you in processing any memories or experiences which may be blocking your joy, effectiveness or health in this current lifetime, by drawing on my training as a psychotherapist.

    At the end of the session, there is time for integration, discussion and a nice cup of tea. The client may enjoy subtle communication from the subconscious for a few days after the session, either through the dream state or through moments of magical synchronicity.

    This process allows for access to what can be called Universal Knowledge. This communion with Higher Self may elicit the deep healing which is born of knowing the stories of the Soul.

    Are you ready to find out more?

    Let's go deeper

    So, what is the subconscious?

    This "intelligence" may also be referred to as the super-conscious, the Universal Mind, or the Higher Self. The authenticity of this inner voice is at once awesome and deeply caring in that it speaks the timeless truth of the soul's evolution across many lifetimes.

    In my experience over 20 years, certain memories from this and other incarnations and indeed other time space dimensions, hold an emotional charge which may drive and inform our behaviour.

    Very often, we believe that our behaviour or condition relates back to a childhood incident but I have found that the originating incident or memory may stem from much further back in space and time.

    The sub-conscious (higher self or super-conscious) knows everything that has ever happened to you accross lifetimes. It may transport you to an earlier moment in your current life, to a past life or even to a state of consciousness between lives, depending on what is relevant to your enquiry or issue. It is also possible to have a spiritual, enlightening experience or even a visitation from either a loved one who has passed, a spirit guide, or even a being from another dimension.

    Most clients are induced into a gentle, relaxed state, and others are able to attain an even deeper level of hypnosis, however, both states allow access to the Universal Mind.

    In this process, the term "subconscious" is somewhat a misnomer in that the "voice" that may come through often has a sense of collective knowing and as such, is defined by it's objective and benevolent wisdom.

    This process can give great benefit to those with illness, loss of purpose, confusion about how to move forward and those who are lightworkers, or part of the wave of volunteers from other dimensions, needing to access guidance.